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Connagill 275/132kV substation

The client on this project was Powerteam, a subsidiary company of Vinci Energies, appointed by SSE Power Distribution, Transmission Department

The project involved the provision of Planning drawings, full Civil and Primary Electrical design and the Design and supply of all required Structures for a new 275/132kV Supergrid Open Busbar Substation in the Sutherland area of Scotland.

The project was required to accommodate the new transmission connections from Strathy North and South Wind Farms and design was also to support future expansion of a further SGT and associated equipment to connect Strathy Wood Wind Farm.

Civil design included the provision of Planning drawings, Ground Investigation, Plant and Equipment foundation design and full road, compound and drainage design.

Civil design also involved a strong link with environmentalists to ensure protection of flora and fauna was optimised. Eco friendly solutions were also developed for the substantial peat retention bunds required

Interface was required with 3rd Party designers, namely, the Substation Control Building designers and Transmission and Distribution Overhead line designers. These interfaces required compatible designs to be agreed for siting of building and cable installations to the Control Rooms and also Access roads, crane pads and piling platforms to be designed to accommodate the Transmission tower works.

Primary Plant Layout and design was developed closely with Powerteam to accommodate their preferred, and SSE Issued plant and equipment. Design included, busbar and clamp design, fire pool studies, Safety clearance checks, earthing layout, multicore cable routes and design loadings

Over 130 Aluminium 132kV and 275kV Support Structures were designed and supplied including single and three-phase structures, varying from 2.1m to 7.2m high and 2 No Double Bay 12m high Galvanised steel gantries to accommodate the incoming downleads from the new Transmission Tower connections. All structures were designed to accommodate the various earth connection points and equipment mounting interfaces specific for each item of equipment. Fabrication of the structures was to an agreed delivery programme with Powerteam.

Due to a compressed programme of works, close contact was maintained with the Civil Contractor throughout the project to ensure specification and programme deliverables were met.
All Structures were delivered and erected to meet Powerteam’s accelerated programme.
All remaining primary works were completed on programme

Project contact

Ronnie Dunn
Ronnie is our Scottish Office General Manager and Head of Civil Engineering, based in Perth. With over 35 years of experience within the energy sector in the UK and ROI, in Network Operations and Contracting, he has an extensive knowledge base across the civil and electrical requirements of HV Substation and Wind Farm projects. This knowledge base, together with his project management and process improvement skills provides a solid basis for clients seeking timely and economic solutions to their project needs.
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